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Banknet is treading on the path of crafting an Ethereum governed ecosystem which will apply blockchain technologies to three of the most prominent industries – banking, insurance and real estate.

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Banknet is treading on

the path of crafting

An Ethereum governed ecosystem which will apply blockchain technologies to three of the most prominent industries – banking, insurance and real estate – noting that they are under the influence of several shortcomings which can be done away with by incorporating innovation. This way Banknet will be tapping into a market filled with upcoming opportunities.

Banknet is treading

an Ethereum governed ecosystem

The term “banking” has existed for as long as we can remember. However, the most impactful shortcoming of this industry was that, that it is known for its “classic” methods – which was being used ever since the industry’s inception. Since digitization is on the rise – this industry could not elude utilizing artificial intelligence or innovative technology which is helping other industries boom.

  • Future contract trading
  • Trading within the whole network
  • Over-the-Counter
  • A new era of trading
  • Easy access



As defined in section BKIX INDEX, the BKU stable fund unit (BKU) will be 100% linked and pegged from the date of issuance to the top 10 most capitalized and valuable cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
Each BKU unit’s holder will be entitled to receive 12% annual interest/dividend on investments made. The distribution will be made on a monthly instalment basis.

Each of BKU unit’s holder will be entitled pro rata payment/dividend equivalent to 50% of the total annual profit made by the fund or, any special royalty received by the fund during the course of the year. Any accrued dividend due will be paid to the units holder at the time of units redemption.

Each BKU unit’s holder solely on his/her discretion would be able to redeem part or entire investment at any time with 40 days advance written notice. The redemption will be made in the full amount invested and with the entire accrued dividend and interest due at time of redemption; Any redemption made after 34 months from date of investments will be made with 33% premium to the original investment, ( the redemption price per unit $ 0.004 versus investment price made at $ 0.003 ). Redemption will be made at any of the 10 top most capitalized and valuable cryptocurrencies, including valuable stable coins such as TUSD and USDC.


In every calendar month of the year for the entire duration of the fund, management will publish on the fund’s official website and another financial news outlets a full and accurate intrinsic value fund’s report solely based on the fund’s holdings in various financial instruments and assets.

BKU Pitch Deck

Why Banknet?

Five separate divisions inclusive of the global banking, cryptocurrency lending and real estate platform, a global insurance operator and a currency exchange accompanied by free procurement of five different currencies.

Ample Potential

The cryptocurrency exchnage platform alone has the potential of channelizing a market capitalization worth $1.3 billion. The worth multiplies when we speak of the company as a whole.

Success Model

The ultimate integration and combination of financial products and services with tokenization of real estate asset could turn banknet in due time to be a giant corporation with unimaginable market capitalization.

Reward Distribution Program

The official token (bku) holders are subject to rewards – 25 per cent of the total proceeds of the bst tokens in the form of the bst token, itself. The market price stabilization index of this platform allows to tackle risk associated with the coin by releasing unused funds to avoid destabilization and volatility.

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