You will send your investment coin upon your choice-selection and in accordance with the list of 14 different currencies as set below, your investment will be held in special dedicated Ethereum trust account , upon receiving your investment, the value of your investment will be marked by the highest trading price as quoted on Coinbase and Binance . the two major currencies exchanges, in order to protect your investment from any market fluctuation, we will mark-up/add 7% to your original investment value, 24 hours after confirm your investment, the BKU coins due to you will be sent out to your Ethereum wallet address as was indicated by you, because BKU coin was created on the Ethereum platform, your wallet should be one which can accept and store Ethereum based currencies  Accepted list of currencies


Please deliver your currencies investment to the following secured trust wallet address

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    Banknet is treading on

    the path of crafting

    An Ethereum governed ecosystem which will apply blockchain technologies to three of the most prominent industries – banking, insurance and real estate – noting that they are under the influence of several shortcomings which can be done away with by incorporating innovation. This way Banknet will be tapping into a market filled with upcoming opportunities.

    Banknet is treading

    an Ethereum governed ecosystem

    The term “banking” has existed for as long as we can remember. However, the most impactful shortcoming of this industry was that, that it is known for its “classic” methods – which was being used ever since the industry’s inception. Since digitization is on the rise – this industry could not elude utilizing artificial intelligence or innovative technology which is helping other industries boom.

    • Future contract trading
    • Trading within the whole network
    • Over-the-Counter
    • A new era of trading
    • Easy access




    LSC coin holders will share 80% of the increase in the value-net asset of the coin.
    The profit sharing distribution will be made every three months and will be monitored and supervised by independent qualified trustee
    The profit sharing distribution will be made in a form of bitcoin ( BTC ) coins


    BKIX Stabilization Index was created in order to prevent and avoid any temporary market fluctuation and instability , The index consist the top 10 most valuable coins-currencies available at the current time. , BKU coin market price will be pegged and linked from first day of issuance to the BKIX Index, in the event that BKU market price will be traded below the intrinsic market value of the BKIX Index for period of 60 days or more, free distribution from reserve will be made to BKU coin holders in order to compensate coin holders for loss of market value, Management is in the opinion that the creation of BKIX INDEX , is the right and proper solution to protect BKU coin holders from any turmoil and uncertainty in BKU market price.


    BKU pre-sale Ico offering price set at $ 0.003 per single coin, the pre-sale offering will be short and will last only 14 days , Due to a very BKU coins short supply, only 800.000 coins will be offered at this stage,
    , LSC public Ico offering price set a $0.005 per single coin , which represents 68% premium over the pre-sale Ico price, The Ico public offering will last 17 days only , and very limited BKU coins will be offered at this stage,
    The minimum investment per single subscription order set at $ 80 per single order
    BKU coins which have been subscribed and bought, will be delivered directly by the trustee , to the investor's Ethereum wallet address as was indicated 24 hours from the time investment was made and verified. In case you have not received the BKU coins to your Ethereum wallet address, please contact us immediately via the GET IN TOUCH message box on the official LSC website
    you must deliver your investment coins as indicated on the 14 coins accepted list to the following Ethereum wallet trust address : 0x1Df68E1127055a7F4F5cEE501b49C3f90533058C

    BKU Pitch Deck

    Why Banknet?

    Five separate divisions inclusive of the global banking, cryptocurrency lending and real estate platform, a global insurance operator and a currency exchange accompanied by free procurement of five different currencies.

    Ample Potential

    The cryptocurrency exchnage platform alone has the potential of channelizing a market capitalization worth $1.3 billion. The worth multiplies when we speak of the company as a whole.

    Success Model

    The ultimate integration and combination of financial products and services with tokenization of real estate asset could turn banknet in due time to be a giant corporation with unimaginable market capitalization.

    Reward Distribution Program

    The official token (bku) holders are subject to rewards – 25 per cent of the total proceeds of the bst tokens in the form of the bst token, itself. The market price stabilization index of this platform allows to tackle risk associated with the coin by releasing unused funds to avoid destabilization and volatility.

    Smart Contract API


    Decentralised Blockchain


    Invest 50% now, and receive 1% monthly interest payment , payable in Bitcoin or Ethereum

    You have the sole option to pay only 50% of your entire investment , you will have 6 moths to decide if you wish to complete the 50% balance of the investment or not, if you elected to proceed with the option, your BKU coins will be held by special qualified trustee in known financial institution until the time you complete your entire investment, if you decided not to complete the original investment, you will receive the BKU coins you have bought initially, an you would be able to sell it at the open market, this is very unique investment plan was created to protect and preserve your investment in BKU ,In addition, you will receive 1% monthly interest on your investment in BKU held by the special trustee.


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